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"And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding."

Jeremiah 3:15

Pastor Tyrone C. Rose, Jr., a native of Richmond, Virginia, acknowledged the call to minister God’s Holy Word at the tender age of 15. A gifted musician, composer, author and spiritual teacher, Pastor Rose has worked in various spiritual capacities throughout his life. By God’s Grace, in March of 2016, Pastor Rose and his wife, Co-Pastor Nita, founded Liberty Church in Columbia, South Carolina. He believes that God has called him to empower, enhance and enlighten people discover life and liberation through Christ. Under the leadership of Pastor Rose, Liberty Church continues to experience rapid development and progression as many lives are impacted and changed weekly. Pastor Rose attributes the church’s steady growth to its holistic approach in addressing the needs of all mankind while focusing on making an impact in the community.

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In addition, Pastor Rose published his first book, Crippled By Your Own Gift, in May 2015. In this life-changing book, Pastor Rose reveals God’s true purpose concerning those who are gifted and anointed but overwhelmingly frustrated. He believes that this book that is written through his life experiences as a traveling musician would allow those who read it to break out of the box people have put them in and no longer be crippled and limited by their gift, but rather walk in all that God has called them to be. Pastor Rose believes that you may be gifted but you are not your gift. Pastor Tyrone Rose is married to Co-Pastor Nita Rose. Together they have one daughter, Megan Christina Rose. They continue to labor in the Kingdom of God, equipping His people for the incomparable work of Ministry.


His unique ability to minister to the young and the old has caused many to come to Christ. He has hosted numerous Miracle Crusades wherewith countless individuals have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, bodies have been healed of brain tumors, blood pressure, scheduled surgeries canceled and prophecies fulfilled through his ministry. Pastor Rose is a prophetic voice that God has used mightily to transform lives.

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