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that the WORD of GOD, as contained in The Holy Bible, is:

1.   Inerrant in its content

2.   Absolute in its authority

3.   Complete in its revelation


in ONE GOD, manifested in three Revelatory Expressions:

1.   God the Father

2.   God the Word / Son and Jesus

3.   God the Holy Ghost

in the DIETY and LORDSHIP of JESUS CHRIST, that He is:

1.   God in the flesh

2.   The Lamb that takes away the sins of the world

3.   Lord over the Church

in the SALVATION of mankind through confessed faith to:

1.   Confess with our mouths the Lord Jesus

2.   Believe in our hearts that God has resurrected Him

3.   Live according to the confession of our faith

in the BAPTISM of THE HOLY GHOST, that is:

1.   Subsequent to Salvation

2.   A necessity for every believer

3.   Essential for Kingdom building

that WATER BAPTISM is a rite of the Church, an outward expression of an inward experience, and that it:

1.   Shows that the believer is dead to sin

2.   Shows that the old man has been buried with Christ

3.   Shows that the old man has been resurrected in the newness of life

in HOLY COMMUNION and FEET WASHING, that these too are rites of the Church, and they show:

1.   That we are one with Christ

2.   That we believe in and walk according to His teaching

3.   That we partake in this rite to memorialize His death


1.   Essential for spiritual growth

2.   A command of God to worship corporately

3.   A place that is ordained of God to increase in knowledge and strength

that the GREAT COMMISSION of the Church is to:

1.   Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature

2.   Make disciples of believers

3.   Establish the Kingdom of God on Earth

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